BOSS multisport

Built On Self Success

Welcome to the BOSS multisport

BOSS multisport is a junior development focused triathlon squad. Training is focused at skill development and performance platforming. BOSS multisport was founded in 2015 by director, athlete and coach Bec Ungermann. Who began her triathlon debut at 13 years of age. She saw the need for junior focused training after seeing a lack of participation in the area and the loss of impact Met West had on the state stage. 

 Kids and adolescence perform better in an environment created for their level of creative learning, physical and mental development stages.

BOSS multisport is all about capturing the youthful vibe of triathlon and utilising up to date coaching techniques and modern technology. BOSS multisport also believes that to get the best results you must work in partnership with industry and fitness experts and mentors in moulding young minds with positive goals and outcomes.

The energy of BOSS multisport is about always moving forward, always learning and progressing with the sport of triathlon and pursuing yourself to be the best you can be.

We also offer a grass-roots development with the "TRYstars  Ipswich" program.

BOSS multisport is the only junior focused triathlon squad in Queensland, where the sole focus is providing the foundation for self belief and Building On Self Success.

Coach Dan taking trySTARS out for a ride at BOSS multisport


Skill Foundations

Swim session at Wivenhoe Dam with BOSS multisport


Skill Development

BOSS multisport Connor a seasoned athlete on the bike.


Performance Squad

Our specific development training structure.

BOSS multisport Triathlon Ipswich Squad.